Small Business Consulting

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Having trouble starting a business?

The unfortunate truth is that more than 90% (9 out of 10) small business startups fail. There are many variables and reasons for this statistical nightmare, but the most common reasons are the lack of short-and long-term planning. Aside from planning, many companies simply fail because of poor leadership.

Take a service company, for example. The typical entrepreneur or small business history is a person who worked their asses off at their job and at some point felt unappreciated or that they could do things a lot better and make more money, in their own way. They quit their jobs and embark on their journey of becoming a small business owner. They might be amazing at their service / skill set, but know nothing about running a business. Unfortunately, saying that we learned as we grew up, ” do what you like and the money will follow” takes a change when it comes to being the owner of the business. You may like what you do all day, but if you do not run the business properly, what you like Can very quickly put your business.

What is small business contracting?

Service Offerings

Free initial consultation, then offering consultation packages with an annual commitment, built around keeping you on track for success and exceeding that failure statistic by 90%. We offer consultation sessions on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. When you work for an organization, you have a manager or boss to report regularly in order to share your successes, failures, or just ask for help. When you start your entrepreneurial or small business journey, you are often left in the dark when you have to make important decisions or try to understand things. This is where Plexis Solutions fits into the picture…. Rather than acting as your “boss” or “manager” we are your partner for success!

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