Web & Custom Development

To expand your commercial presence, a web presence is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Let's face it, the internet is where business happens. Brochures are excellent, but websites allow much more. If you are trying to expand your commercial presence, a web presence is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Development and Programming

You think, we create!

We have worked on a large amount of projects over the years, for clients in many sectors and industries. Whether you have a small project or a large project, we would love to hear about it and go to work for you.

We have a very diverse programming and development team, able to work on many types of websites, databases, stores and custom projects. Some commonly used languages and architectures:

Web and Graphic Design

The saying “Do not judge a book by its cover” simply does not apply to the internet. We work with our customers to create a personalized design that represents the uniqueness of their business. All of our websites are developed from scratch and have a look that fits the situation. This is the first stage of any development and creates this first impression for all visitors.

Website Updates and Maintenance

It can quickly become very time consuming to try to keep a website up to date and up to date. We understand how important time can be, which is why we offer website updates and maintenance support packages.

Our web support packages can cover simple content updates or more routine maintenance and programming updates. You spent the time and money to create this new project, do not let it suffer by not keeping it up to date and now.

Mobile Apps/Mobile Friendly

Figures for 2019 suggest that more than 63.4% of mobile phone users will have access to online content through their devices. As of April 21, 2015, Google has begun to rank mobile sites higher than non-mobile sites. Mobile phone screens are approximately 1 / 5th the size of desktops. Do you prefer that 65% of your potential customers only see 1 / 5th of your website or product offerings?

Knowing these facts, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. We have extensive experience in creating custom mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites for consumers and businesses.

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Quick Stats

Mobile phone users access the sites via their device.

Our development team will work closely with you to bring the idea to life. For more information on mobile websites or mobile apps, please contact us today.

Marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)

Creating a website and web presence is the first step, but keeping your site current and up to date with content and marketing tactics is just as crucial to the longevity of your site and search engine presence.

It is not enough to create a website and hope that your customers will find you online. Just as you need to market and promote your products and services, you also need to market your website.

Writing content, such as building, page linking and SEO are just some of the online marketing tools needed to make sure your website will be seen. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving a ranking of websites on the results of search engines such as Google. Search engines determine your ranking by using “spiders” that crawl and index relevant content, keywords, meta tags and links on your website.

SEO is not:

  • Buying Links
  • Text masking or concealment
  • Repeat content
  • Irrelevant keywords
  • “Deceiving” Google

SEO needs to be a part of the bigger picture; your tools for SEO are as good as your plan for them. Contrary to what you mean by other reference services, our ultimate goal is not to get you better rankings, but to help create better content designed for your users who, in and of themselves, create better and more sustainable rankings.

“Our process with new customers begins with an analysis and review of current marketing and referral tactics, their effectiveness and recommendations on how to improve results.”

Some of the services we can offer to help your online marketing: The analytical method of the examination / reporting.

  • Content writing
  • Building announcement
  • Ghost of Blogs
  • Keywords/Meta tags
  • Article/Newsletters
  • Page link
  • Website structure
  • Image tags

Please contact us today to discuss whether this may be appropriate for your business.