Hosted & Managed Services

We have solutions to get rid of those annoying spam emails in your inbox

Whether your concerns are a hosted server accessible from any location, a Hosted exchange email accessible to any internet-ready device, backing up your data to a secure, encrypted off-site location, or finally getting rid of those annoying Spam Emails, we have a solution for you.

Online Backup Solution

Preparing for a potential disaster is much less expensive and time consuming than cleaning up after a disaster.

Plexis Solutions has formed another important partnership with SOS Online Backup to provide an award-winning, secure, off-site and hassle-free backup solution. This service is offered at a 10% discount to all our customers. The power of this backup is amazing.

If you think it’s expensive to have a backup solution for your data, wait until your environment is affected by a ransomware infection that encrypts every data on your Network. Without a proper backup, this data is gone and you start at square one! Do not spend more time without a proper backup on your Network.

Email Encryption Solution

Plexis Solutions has strengthened its strength in partnership with multiple providers specialized in email encryption system with more than 40 million users in the most sensitive government, financial, legal, medical and medical organizations.

  • Automatic rules-based and manual encryption
  • Compliant with HIPPA/HITTECHm state privacy laws and more
  • Send and receive encrypted email without special hardware or software

We offer a 10% discount to all our customers who need this cloud – based email encryption service.

Spam Filtering Solution

Plexis Solutions has partnered with Greenview Data Inc of Ann Arbor, MI to provide a hassle-free spam solution to our customers. The solution, called SpamStopsHere, blocks spam with cutting-edge accuracy. We offer a 10% discount to all our customers who want to stop SPAM.

Why waste time sifting through and deleting spam emails every morning before you can access the real real email in your inbox. This solution will literally clean your mail before it reaches your inbox!

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Hosted Server/Applications

We are finding that more and more of our customers are working from remote locations or home offices to save on overhead in this ever-changing economy. We have the ability to offer you customizable bandwidth, pricing and access usage based on application and customer demand.

Whether you are looking to have a hosted/off-site data solution, hosted apps or just a hosted website, we have a solution and a price to meet your needs!

Hosted By Email

We offer our customers the ability to access their email anywhere with a hosted Microsoft Exchange email account.

With a hosted account, you can access your email, contacts, and calendar from anywhere on any internet-ready device. The best part is that it is synced wirelessly so that your data is the same on every mobile device or computer you access from.

Please contact us today to discuss whether this may be appropriate for your business.